4 Important Things for First-Timer Cat Owner Part One

 4 Important Things for First-Timer Cat Owner Part One

Cats are one of the most popular types of pets in Singapore. Who doesn’t get excited when they see these animals whose behaviour is sometimes funny and annoying? Especially hanging out with them after work or after a tiring day of activities. It must be fun!

However, people are often confused when they want to have a cat, especially those who have never had a pet. It must be a problem in itself. Even though keeping a cat is not too difficult, if you know the tips. Well, this time we want to share the 4 most important things for those of you who want to have a cat for the first time, let’s have a look!

  1. Make sure to prepare the equipment before adopting the cat

Before you adopt a cat, the main important thing to prepare is equipment for the cat. For example, cages or shelters, litter boxes, places to eat and drink, and pet cargo. Remember, don’t flip it so you have a cat first and then buy the equipment.

Pet cargo is optional, usually needed to take the cat to a grooming or bathing place. But, if you can bathe yourself, the important thing is to have shampoo and a hairdryer.

  • If you are a beginner, choose short-hair cats, and with a docile character

Beginners need to choose the type of cat because having a cat is not just a matter of time and must have high consequences. We advise you to choose short-hair cats because it will make it easier for you to do maintenance.

In addition, don’t forget to choose a cat with a docile character. Characteristics such as calm when held, do not run around in fear here and there and do not make growling sounds when approached.

Sylvester Nunez

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