4 Ways to Help Cats Have an Ideal Weight Part One

Having a healthy cat with an ideal weight according to its type and age is certainly the dream of every cat owner. An ideal cat’s body can be seen from the waist area, including, the waistline is still visible, the ribs can still be felt slightly, and the stomach is visible from above and from the side. This condition indicates that the body fat is sufficient, not deficient, or excessive.

Then, how to increase cat weight and how to make a fat cat healthily so that it stays away from obesity? Here’s the trick.

  1. Make Sure Cats Avoid Stress

Make sure your cat is stress-free and happy. A calm cat is one of the characteristics of a happy cat because their anxiety level is low so their appetite is good. When feeding your cat, give them time to enjoy their food. This is because cats prefer to eat without being disturbed, so they eat more voraciously.

  • Give Cat Food According to Their Taste

It is undeniable that cats also have their favourite food preferences. Ideally, cats are given a combination of wet and dry food in order to get optimal nutritional benefits. However, if your cat prefers wet food, give them the variant of wet food. If your cat prefers dry food, give them the dry food variant. You can also consult about the right cat food through the veterinarian in Singapore. That way, you will get cat food that suits their needs and preferences, so that the cat wants to eat it. This method is quite effectively applied as a way to make a fat cat healthily so that their weight remains ideal.

Sethunya Rica

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