4 Ways to Help Cats Have an Ideal Weight Part Two

  • Consider the Ingredients in Cat Food

Make sure the cat food given is in accordance with the cat’s nutritional needs. This means that cats need to get important nutrients for their health from animal protein as a way to make cats fat healthily so that their body weight remains ideal.

  • Invite Cats To Do Physical Activities

Another way to keep a cat’s ideal weight is to encourage them to stay active. For example, invite them to play inside or outside the house. According to the International Veterinary Information Service, the ideal duration for a cat to play is at least 10 minutes a day. Interactive toys such as laser lights and cat toys with ropes will entice cats to join in on the fun. Choose a laser with white light and avoid aiming the red laser at the cat’s eyes because it can damage the eyes of the beloved cat.

In addition, the presence of media to climb is also a fun way for cats to get physical. Also, consider creating a covered outdoor area. So cats have a place to safely observe the outdoors.

Those are some things you can try as a way to make a cat healthy fat so that its weight remains ideal. In addition to providing cat food according to the recommended serving size, monitor the cat’s weight regularly at least every six months to check the general health condition of their body. Don’t forget to consult a veterinarian in Singapore for more information. Good luck!

Sethunya Rica

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