Kenny Lee

Advantages of Digital Printing

There are many types of digital printing that we see in our day to day. We open the fridge and have an ice cream container, we go down the street and see advertisements, and we buy a can of soda with messages, and so on.  The truth is that digital printing has become essential to personalize the image of each company worldwide.  […]Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Graphic Design Service

One of the most important aspects for a company is its brand. You have to create a logo that represents you, could help your advertise your services through social media and other different channels, and things that you need to analyze in order to achieve the greatest success. For this you need a graphic designer.  Remember, not everyone who can […]Read More


Despite popular belief, social media seems to have an indirect relationship with SEO. That is why marketing experts are putting a lot of money into social media marketing. Any step you take to improve your social media activities should be in line with your SEO goals. You can’t afford to lose traffic from either side this way. Keep these […]Read More

5 SEO Features to Look for in an E-Commerce Platform

Selecting the e-commerce platform that will best meet your business’s needs and your clients is one of the most significant aspects of setting up an online store. Choosing the right e-commerce platform is a challenging task; there are hundreds of e-commerce options available for businesses of all kinds, and each forum differs in different ways. […]Read More

Need to Edit Videos on Smartphone? Use These 9 Best

FilmoraGo  FilmoraGo is an application for video editing developed by Wondershare company. With a simple and clean user interface, editing videos with this application will be easy and fun. Some of the main features that you can enjoy are trim, split, interesting transition variations, video speed determination, and canvas to set the desired ratio. In addition, you can […]Read More

Need to Edit Videos on Smartphone? Use These 9 Best

Today, if you are a video editor or just want to make edits to social media content, it is mandatory to have the best video editing application on your gadget. Why is that? The reason is, by utilising the best video editing applications, you can do the editing process easily anytime and anywhere. Although there are many video […]Read More

How to Keep Your Pets Healthy during the Corona Pandemic

Ensure Health and Hygiene is Maintained Actually, not only during the coronavirus outbreak, you need to ensure the cleanliness and health of your pets, but you do it regularly according to a schedule. However, in case of an emergency such as loss of appetite or other symptoms, contact veterinarian in Singapore. Also, make sure your […]Read More

How to Keep Your Pets Healthy during the Corona Pandemic

During the current coronavirus pandemic in Singapore, you need to continue to be vigilant and keep your body healthy. For example, by implementing a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food, implementing social distancing, using a mask when going out of the house, to regularly washing hands using soap and water. Therefore, if you have pets at […]Read More