How to Keep Your Pets Healthy during the Corona Pandemic Part One

During the current coronavirus pandemic in Singapore, you need to continue to be vigilant and keep your body healthy. For example, by implementing a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food, implementing social distancing, using a mask when going out of the house, to regularly washing hands using soap and water.

Therefore, if you have pets at home, then you also need to take care of their health. Well, here are some tips you can do to care for pets during the corona pandemic. Let’s see!

  1. Not Taking Them Out

Just like humans, it’s a good idea not to take your pets out of the house. Not bringing pets outside the house will avoid interactions between animals outside the home with fellow animals or humans.

However, if you are forced to leave the house, such as taking your dog for a walk, you shouldn’t be too frequent. Also, make sure you don’t take them to crowded places.

To prevent transmission of the coronavirus, pets also need to keep a distance of 2 metres from humans and other animals, and when returning home make sure you don’t forget to bathe your pets.

  • Prepare Pet Needs

During the coronavirus pandemic, you should not leave the house if there is nothing urgent. Therefore, prepare your pet’s needs for the next few weeks, from multivitamins, vet-recommended medicines, litter, to food. When you buy it online, don’t forget to spray disinfectant on the packaging of the purchased item.