Need to Edit Videos on Smartphone? Use These 9 Best Editing Apps! Part One

 Need to Edit Videos on Smartphone? Use These 9 Best Editing Apps! Part One

Today, if you are a video editor or just want to make edits to social media content, it is mandatory to have the best video editing application on your gadget. Why is that? The reason is, by utilising the best video editing applications, you can do the editing process easily anytime and anywhere. Although there are many video editing software in Singapore that you can use, here we curate the nine best recommendations that can make your video content look slick. 

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush for Video 

If you are used to editing using Adobe Premiere Pro software on a PC or laptop, now you can also use similar software on your favourite smartphone or tablet. This application is called Adobe Premiere Rush for Video. With this application, you can create videos with a variety of advanced features available. Some of the features that can be enjoyed are colour correction, edit video and audio, record audio directly in the application, customised motion graphics, and much more. One of the main features that make Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best video editing applications is that users can directly upload edits to their social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. This application also allows you to create videos with various ratios, ranging from square, landscape, to portrait. Another advantage is that the video projects that you save will be automatically synced to the Adobe Cloud, then you can continue on other gadgets you have. Well, you can get the Adobe Premiere Rush for Video application on the Google Play Store and also the App Store. 

  1. InShot 

If you are actively playing Instagram or Facebook, maybe you are already familiar with the InShot application. One of the best video editing applications, it offers a very easy editing process that can be used by even beginners. There are several features such as colour effects, text, stickers, and emojis that can be included in the video. In addition, you can also enter the desired song. These features make videos look more trendy and make InShot a user-friendly and popular application among young people. Usually, people use InShot a lot to edit endorse videos or tutorials. You can immediately download this application on the Google Play Store and App Store. 

  1. KineMaster 

KineMaster is an application for editing videos on smartphones that is quite popular in recent times. The features in this application are more or less the same as other video editing applications. However, the advantage of the KineMaster application is that you can use the “Chroma Key” feature. This feature allows users to use a green screen, then turn it into an attractive background. Even so, the watermark from this application can only be removed if you pay for a subscription. This application is also quite flexible, where users can use it with Android or IOS gadgets. 

  1. iMovie 

Apple gadget owners must be familiar with this one application. Yes, the iMovie application can only be used exclusively on iOS-based gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and also iMac. There are several features available, such as audio and video effects, an interesting variety of transitions, and free-to-use templates. As one of the best video editing applications for iOS, iMovie allows you to save the edited content in iCloud so that you can continue the editing process on other gadgets. This is very easy, especially when you have to make sudden edits when you’re not holding a laptop.