The Right Way to Give House Training to Dogs Part Two

  • Always Watch Dogs

Don’t give puppies a chance to litter their home and keep an eye on them whenever they’re indoors. Watch for signs that the puppy needs to be taken out. Some of the signs are obvious, such as barking or scratching at the door, squatting, restlessness, sniffing, or spinning around. When you see these signs, immediately grab a leash and take it outside to the bathroom.

Keep the dog leash in the yard. During the home training process, the courtyard should also be treated like any other room in the house. Give puppies freedom in the house and yard only after they are used to the house and understand the rules of the house.

If you can’t keep an eye on the puppies all the time, limit them to a fairly small area, perhaps by putting them on a leash.

  • When Dogs Make Mistakes

Dogs are bound to run into some problems at home, and this is a normal part of home training. Here’s what to do if that happens:

  • Make a startling sound (be careful not to scare them off) or say “Outside!” and immediately take them to the bathroom. Praise puppies and give them treats when they’re done pooping.
  • Don’t punish a puppy for defecating in the house. If you find a dirty area and it’s too late to ask the dog outside, just clean it. Scolding him or some other punishment will only frighten the dog. Punishment is often more detrimental and damaging to your relationship with the dog.

If you still need other tips for proper house training for dogs, you can also ask a veterinarian in Singapore.