Ultimate Guide for Having Ornamental Fish Part One

Exploring hobbies is an exciting activity that you can try at home. Yup, this activity will help you to unwind and relieve stress, after doing various activities throughout the day. One of the most popular hobbies in Singapore is taking care of adorable pets, such as ornamental fish.

Having ornamental fish in an aquarium or fish pond at home has quite a lot of benefits, you know. There are various types of ornamental fish with beautiful shapes, patterns, and colours. You will feel comfortable and happy when you see fish swimming with the beauty of their unique appearance.

The existence of a pond or ornamental fish aquarium in the house can also add aesthetic value to your room which makes it look more beautiful. Especially if the fish that are kept are of various types and full of colour. Well, this hobby can be the best alternative when you want to take care of cute animals but have allergies to fur.

Several things need to be considered in maintaining ornamental fish. Want to know? Come on, look at the tips that we have summarised from various sources. Let’s cheque it out!

  1. Choose a type of fish that is easy to maintain

For beginners, having ornamental fish that is easy to maintain is certainly the perfect choice. This type of ornamental fish does not require special treatment, making it easier for daily maintenance. There are several recommendations for types of ornamental fish that are easy to maintain at home. Among them are Koi fish, fish that are very popular and suitable to be kept in ponds, with various colours, and are believed to bring good luck.

Another type that is easy to maintain is the Betta fish which is aggressive and has a beautiful tail. Do not mix Betta fish with other fish or with each other in the same pond or aquarium, yes. In addition, Goldfish are no less interesting to decorate your home. Its bright and beautiful colour makes you feel at home to keep looking at it. Well, some types of fish are suitable to be kept at home with minimal maintenance, especially for those of you who are busy and find it difficult to find time to care for ornamental fish.

  • Choose the right aquarium size

After determining the type of fish you want to have, it’s time to choose the right aquarium. Don’t make the wrong choice of aquarium size, because it can make ornamental fish stressed and don’t last long. Your pet needs a place with sufficient distance and area, for the growth of fish size and to facilitate aquarium cleaning activities.

If you are interested in keeping ornamental fish such as Betta, Guppies, Mollies, or Man fish, you can put them in a not-too-large aquarium. Of course, it is different from other types of fish such as Arowana which will grow lengthwise and require a large area, so you need to prepare a large aquarium. So, adjust the size of the aquarium to the needs of the type of ornamental fish you have.

  • Equip the aquarium with additional equipment

Having limited space, you need to equip the aquarium with some supporting equipment, so that your pet ornamental fish stay comfortable in it. The equipment can be various, such as an aerator or also called an air pump. This tool is useful for supplying oxygen into the aquarium by producing air bubbles.

In addition, add an aquarium filter to filter out impurities in the aquarium, and make the water clearer and less cloudy. Lights also need to be installed in the aquarium in your home, to illuminate the inside and can stabilise the water temperature. Well, that’s the importance of adding some equipment in the aquarium, so that your ornamental fish stay comfortable and can grow well.