Ultimate Guide for Having Ornamental Fish Part Two

  • Not all types of ornamental fish can be mixed

Want to keep various types of ornamental fish and want to combine them into the same aquarium or pond? Well, not all types of fish can live together in one container. Carelessly mixing fish with different characteristics can cause problems, such as grabbing each other’s food, stressing the fish, fighting each other, or even preying on them. Oh, no!

Therefore, it is important to identify the types of ornamental fish that can live together, if you want to bring them into the same aquarium or pond. There are some ornamental fish that can survive if mixed with other types. Such as Guppy fish, Molly, Koi, Goldfish, so on.

  • Give the right food regularly

There are many types of food with various forms for ornamental fish in Singapore. Starting from pellets, flakes, tablets, granules, and so on. Well, you need to choose the best fish food products according to the type of your pet ornamental fish to support the growth and health of the fish. In addition to artificial feed, there are also several types of natural food for ornamental fish, such as mosquito larvae, silkworms, artemia (small shrimp), and water fleas.

Feeding also needs to be done in the right dose. For adult fish, you can feed once a day in the normal amount or several times a day in smaller quantities. While young fish that are growing need to eat three times a day or more. This is important to note, because overfeeding, which is ultimately inedible, can become ammonia and toxins that are harmful to the health of your ornamental fish. So, make sure you give the right best food for your ornamental fish regularly,

  • Keep the aquarium clean

For your pet ornamental fish to stay healthy and survive for a long time, you need to always keep the aquarium clean. This is because dirty aquarium water due to infrequent cleaning can endanger the health of the ornamental fish that live in it. And cause unpleasant odours in the room at home. To prevent this, let’s always keep the aquarium in your home clean regularly!

Before cleaning, disconnect the electricity connected to the aquarium. Then, start with the basics. You can clean the bottom of the aquarium using a water vacuum or an aquarium vacuum cleaner so that the dirt can be lifted and absorbed. Next, use a clean sponge to clean the inside surface of the aquarium glass so that it is free of dirt, mildew, and mold.

  • Change the water regularly

Changing the water in the aquarium needs to be done regularly so that it remains clear and does not interfere with the health of ornamental fish. The ideal time to change the water depends on the type of ornamental fish you are keeping. Especially when the water is cloudy, dirty and the quality has decreased. Keep in mind, you should not immediately drain the entire contents of the water in the aquarium, because this will surprise the fish because they have to adapt to new water again.

  • Add air vents to the aquarium

So that the ornamental fish won’t jump out, you may want to cover the top of the aquarium. But even though the aquarium is equipped with an air filter, ornamental fish also need natural air that comes in from the outside, you know. Well, then make sure you give a little space or ventilation in the aquarium so that the ornamental fish can breathe more freely and get good air circulation.

Well, are you ready to maintain ornamental fish by applying the various methods above? Don’t miss a step. You can also decorate an aquarium or fish pond with decorations that beautify the appearance of your home. Get ready your eyes will be spoilt with the beauty of healthy and growing ornamental fish.